Sunday, August 29, 2010

"You're only as good as your last haircut!" said Susan Lee

Dear Diary:

Yeah...I'm a hair whore!  I know it!  I can't get a notice about new hair without checking it out.  I can't pass one of my favourite shops without peeking in.  I can't see someone on the street and not ask where they got the GREAT do.  I'm just hopeless when it comes to spending on hair.  SOOOOO...when I got the notice that Truth Hawks was having a major sale of his designs, it was all I could do to put on my sandals, grab my purse, bump up my lindens and run over to see what I could buy.  Here are four I just picked up.

Kalista is so funky!  I love the way the cut is uneven, making the hair look full and bouncy.  It swings crazily when dancing or walking.  The cut is the same length all the way round so the back is about the same length as the sides, even though it looks shorter.  Great look!  It also comes streaked so I have the versatility of looking punky when I want to.
I love this look for summer.  It makes me feel cool in this hot weather that's upon us.  The bangs fall neatly across the forehead, out of the way of your eyes.  The double wrapped headband holds the hair back from the face and lies casually back of the ears and surrounds the nape of the neck.  I like how the curls fall over the band.  The headband is colour changeable too. This style can be worn as a retro do also.

Julia is cute.  It can be worn for casual outfits or with a cocktail dress. It also comes in streaked colours.  I like the way it's poofy on top.  Hair accessories can be added quite easily to this style.  The back is caught up in a casual pony tail.  It gives the illusion of being short until you turn around. 

A similar style to Kalista, Joanna is a more tailored shorter version.  Again, I love the frowsy look to the hair.  It gives it a bounciness and "just out of the shower" look.  The bobby pins on the side really add to the style.

I love Truth's designs.  The hair is always stylish with a great variety of colours and it always fits well.  The styles are very current and can be seen in hair magazines.  Prices are reasonable at all times, but now, being half off lets me spend more.  Sale ends September 3 so I do have time to go back again...and again...and ummm...maybe even again.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Friday skin (sunkissed) (50L Friday)
Eyes: Miriel Hazel (no longer available)
Eyelashes: FTL 502 Kirei
Hair: Truth Hair  Kalista, Riley, Julia, Joanna (all in crow)

Top: Baiastice Spring Fling (top of dress)
Earrings: Glow Studio Round me

Poses: All from CC photo studio