About My Diary

"A Diary of My Second Life" is something I started as an extension to my Second Life.  I've been in world for a few years and love to shop and decorate ME and the apartments / condos / houses I've lived in.  "Why not put this into words?" I thought.  So that's how it began.

So far, everything that I show on my diary pages has been purchased by me. [Told ya I loved to shop!]  I do not request review copies.  I blog what I like myself and what appeals to me in the fashion world.  Sometimes it can be a mixture of old and new things from my closet but I try not to use things that are no longer available.  I always give credit to the creators in my blog.  I admire their ability to create and make things. I try to make sure the SLURLS to each business are accurate and current at the time of printing but I do slip up occasionally.  I try to correct it the next time I publish for that store. 

I'm enjoying the photography part and have learned so much in the few months since I've started.  I'm not as good as some of the other bloggers who have beautiful pictures portrayed on their pages but I am learning and hope to get much better.

Thank you for reading my blog.  And keep dreaming!