Friday, January 28, 2011

Tip-Top for Taupe!

Dear Diary:

Taupe is one of my favourite colours.  I certainly have enough of it in one of my closets - sweaters, pants, a jacket or two, and of course, shoes.  It's funny though, because everyone of those "taupes" are slightly different in hue.

I searched the online encylopedia for a description but it referred me to a Swiss tenor from the early 1900's.  I went to the Encyclopaedia Britannica (online) but this was the message they gave me. "Sorry, we were unable to find an exact match for taupe. Here are results using alternate spellings and phrases. You may also try rephrasing your query."  One more "educational" try - but that one had so much advertising, I couldn't even find the search bar.  So I just had to try on my own.

Taupe certainly covers a wide range of shades.  I looked for a colour palette and this is one that I got.  It does show a huge range of colour.  I wasn't sure that some of the colours should be considered in the taupe category. I had to look further.

Martha Stewart suggests taupe is a "perfect wedding  color".  In this article she calls taupe "sandy".  I think that's a good description from the picture.

I finally decided to try Wikipedia (even though I hate to rely on this website).  It did offer the largest coverage and my curiosity was satisfied.

So here is my take on taupe for the 52 Week of Color Challenge.  I love this colour...I love this dress.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Mila / HUSH
Eyes: Miriel Hazel (no longer available)
Eyelashes: Miriel Glamor lashes (no longer available)
Hair: W&Y hair # 154
Nails: SN Shiny Red

Dress: Aoharu Drapery dress (beige)
Shoes: SLink Spike heels stilettos (taupe)

Bracelet: Mandala Takara bangle (gold & wood)
Ring: Caroline's Jewelry A Right Hand Ring (free)

Poses: Olive Juice (Look Book)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Robbie Burns 1759-1796

Dear Diary:

Today is Robbie Burns Day and I, along with the Scots, and all others of descent, celebrate the birthday of the national poet of Scotland. He was a poet but also collected Scottish folk songs often adapting or revising them.  One of his most famous poems and songs is "Auld Lang Syne" often sung at New Year's.  To find out about his life or his works, there have been new books just published this past year and most are available at libraries or book stores

My paternal Grandfather was born in Scotland so my father always celebrated Robbie Burns Day with a group of friends.  My Dad would come back from the celebration with tales of the traditional meal - haggis, neeps and tatties.  Robbie Burns wrote a poem called "To a Haggis", where he describes the dish as a "Great chieftain O'the puddin'-race". At the formal dinner, the haggis is always brought in the room heralded by a bagpiper.  I always wanted to experience this gastronomical affair...and I finally did.  The neeps (mashed turnips) and tatties (mashed potato) were great and the haggis...hmmmm...needed some getting used to.  If you'd like to try it, the recipe for making haggis can be found here.

I visited Taugh Ard in my other life and while touring around the countryside, I found this picturesque old library.
Once inside, I sat looking at old manuscripts.
Celebrating this day will always be a tradition with me and visiting this place today was perfect.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Ava (light)
Eyes: Miriel Hazel (no longer available)
Eyelashes: LeLutka Seductress
Hair: DBS Winnifer
Nails: Candy Nail Basic nails Red 01

Dress: The Secret Store Scottish Dahlia
Shoes: MsD010 sculpt shoe Sangria

Earrings: PC studded gold circles
Bracelet: Glow Studio thin gold bracelets (gift)

Poses: Olive Juice (Heart your face)

Location: Taugh Ard - Spirit of Scotland

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm not into fur....but....

Dear Diary:

I don't own any "furry" items.  I'm not sure it's a moral issue with me.  I'm just not into it.  BUT....this morning the thermometer read -33C. 

"Yeah", I thought.  "Hmmm.  And will the car start?  What if the gas line freezes and I have to walk?"

So on that note, I dug out the furs.  

The practical me is on the right.  Great coat with fur trim and hood to keep my ears from freezing; woolen sweater with wool pants; and knee high leather, lined lace up boots.  Of course you need heavy gauge knitted mitts to keep your fingers from freezing.  All good for keeping you warm and safe from the extreme cold and biting wind that we seem to be having right now.

However, my alter ego likes to look cool while trying to maintain warmth. The fur head band keeps the ears warm - at least; the short leather jacket has fur trim - at least; the leather pants and unlined leather boots...ehhhhh.  Gloves do not keep fingers from freezing but they do look very sleek.  I have to keep up a great appearance.  Don't you?

Even though it was an extremely cold, windy day, I managed to get outside. it was only to run to the car, drive to work and then run into the building but still...come on....give me some slack!  I'm a northerner!  I would never get outside if I waited for warm January weather.  It just won't happen.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
In both pictures:
Skin: LeLutka Mila / HUSH
Eyes: Miriel Hazel (no longer available)
Eyelashes: FTL Kirei 501 lashes

The Real Me:
Coat: Latte fur coat (brown) (comes with hair)
Sweater: Orion sweater (grey)
Pants: LeLutka grey dress pants
Mitts: RendeR fur muff and mittens (only mittens worn)
Boots: Shiny Things Ribbon boots (brown)

My Alter Ego:
Jacket and hat: Eshi Otawara Black fur bolero (special) 
Sweater: CoCo turtleneck sweater (group gift)
Pants: CoCo shiny leggings (group gift)
Gloves: Cover Girl fur gloves (white)
Boots: GF Long fur cuff boots (white) 

Poses: !Bang (It's all about the shoes)

Location: Winter Caverns

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From the Indigo Girls: “And even I have got to laugh at me.”

Dear Diary:

When getting dressed for the picture, I thought of the "Indigo Girls".  They were popular during the early '90's and their voices blended well together. They picked the name of the band by going through the dictionary and looking for words that they thought would be a good group name.  Indigo was an excellent choice in my opinion.

Indigo also refers to a species of an herb famous for the natural blue colour you can get from leaves and branches.  During the Middle Ages, indigo was an important dye plant for achieving a blue colour.

In additon, there is a private airline, IndiGo, based in India; Chapters Indigo, a chain of book stores in Canada; and, the most interesting - the "Indigo Child", a term dubbed by a psychic who bases a person's personality by the colour of their aura.  Maybe I should have mine checked out.

I didn't realize a colour could not only be beautiful but so intellectually stimulating!  Thanks to Luna and the 52 weeks of colour challenge, I'm learning a lot about all of these colours.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Lola (light)
Eyes: Miriel Hazel (no longer available)
Eyelashes: LeLutka Lola lashes
Hair:  Tomoto T.humanoide - OKAPPA noir
Nails: PXL Creations Nailpolish blue #3

Dress and headpiece: Tomoto Night Blue
Stockings: Paper Couture Fall tights (blue dots)
Boots: GF short ribbon boots Anna (navy)

Necklace: SMS Pearly lily necklace (blue) (TDR #10)
Bracelets: Dark Mouse blue silver bangles

Poses: Zombie Fetus; MNK

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Love my coffee

Dear Diary:

I love a good cup of coffee - anytime - so while in my other world, I look for nice coffee shops where you can sit with friends and talk over a coffee or two.  One of the first places I looked for was a Canadian coffee shop that I frequent often and that is Tim Horton's.  The coffee is wonderful!  The doughnuts are scrumptious!  The atmosphere is friendly!  I go to this spot regularly and love it every time I go.  My friends and I sit and solve the problems of the day over a few cups.
I was waiting patiently for my friends but the smell of the coffee AND doughnuts was getting to me.  I just had to go in.
The selection of what to pick is just overwhelming.  It was really hard to make up my mind.  Sometimes I like the doughnuts...sometimes it's the muffins...or often it's the biscuits.  Then again, it could be a sandwich with soup!
The business is named after Tim Horton, a professional hockey player in the 60's. He  played for the Toronto Maple Leafs at one time and he started this very popular coffee place in 1964.  Check out his bio.
I grabbed my coffee and looked for a large table since I knew my friends would be here shortly. coffee, strong and black!  What a way to spend the afternoon.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Lola light
Eyes: Miriel Hazel (no longer available)
Eyelashes: LeLutka Seductress lashes
Hair: Truth Hair Joanna

Cardigan: CLEMATIS knit cardigan (blue) (it's free!)
Tank: Fri. Layering tank (pumpkin)
Leggings: Royal Blue Meow for I am catwoman in ink leggings (older free item)
Boots: Bax Coen Prestige boots (night with grey top)

Earrings: Dark Mouse 12 days of Catandmousemas (silver ball earrings)

Poses: Olive Juice (wall lean; tough girls)

Location: Tim Horton's

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yes, Sienna is a challenge

Dear Diary: in minivan? in Miller, the actress?  Or is it Sienna in Italy?  Nope!  It was none of those.  It's Sienna... as in colour for the weekly colour challenge.

I love sienna.  I like all of the brown tones and lean towards that colour when I go shopping for clothes but when I looked in my closet, I found nothing labelled "sienna".  I ended up trying on just about everything designated as "brown" to see if [in my mind] it fit into the category for the particular shade.  I finally decided on the dress that I think fits the category.

This dress is by one of my favourite dress designers, Fnzo Takacs of Cover Girl.  I love the lace detail on her dresses.  The skirts always stay together when you sit and her designs look so elegant any place you go.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Mila / HUSH
Eyes: Miriel Hazel (no longer available)
Eyelashes: Glow Studio Greta Garbo lashes
Hair: Oh Hair Oh my holiday
Nails: Candy Nail Basic Nails Red 01

Dress: Cover Girl Nora (chocolate)

Earrings, necklace, bracelet: alaMood Celestial Aged gold (now Mood)
Ring: [AB] Glitz shine ring (amber)

Poses: Olive Juice (Fall Frills)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I ate my way through the holidays but it was worth every mouthful

Dear Diary:

OMG!!!  I'm feeling totally stuffed!!  It always starts with the PRE Christmas get-togethers and progresses up hill from there.  It's the little appetizers, the mashed-potato-gravy combo, the whipped cream laden desserts and let's not forget the bottomless box of chocolates.  I've been eating my face off since mid December and now almost a month has gone by and I'm still doing it.  Since the zipper on my jeans showed resistance when being pulled up, I decided I better get on the scale.
OK...ready...I think I'll hold my breath.  That will make it better.

If you stand on one leg.......

or on tippy-toes, it's not so bad. cares?...and bottom line is, that I'm strong, healthy, happy and I like how I look so adding a few pounds after a wonderful holiday doesn't seem so bad. 

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
(In all pictures):
Skin: LeLutka Mila / HUSH
Eyes: Miriel Hazel (no longer available)
Eyelashes: Glow Studio Greta Garbo lashes
Hair: Oh Hair Oh my Ramen
Earrings: YS Roundie earrings (gold)
Mules: 5th & Oxford Little Miss Maribou Mules (black)

Lingerie in Pictures:
1. Blacklace Promise (navy)
2. Insolence Lingerie Barbara Chocolate sheer outfit
3. Angel Dessous Tiger print
4. Aqua After Dark (red)

Scales with poses: Hopscotch (weigh-in)

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Christmas Day - AGAIN!

Dear Diary:

Today is Christmas Day in the Orthodox Church or for those following the Julian calendar, including the Ukrainian culture.  I'm not of Ukrainian descent myself, but I have lots of friends who are and I like to celebrate along with them.  There are many traditions that are followed over the next week.

Food plays a big part during the Christmas celebration. It starts with a 12 course meal on Christmas Eve that is meatless.  I was able to participate at this supper with a friend and her family and I enjoyed every dish.  It was truly an experience for me.  I love to eat and all this food was really delicious.  It was extra special knowing that the women in the family (grandmother, mother and daughters) had prepared this meal with love and spirituality.

I decided this year I would bring something to my friend's family to say how grateful I was that they included me in this celebration.  I enjoy baking so it was suggested I make Kolatki, a delicious Christmas cookie in the Ukrainian tradition. where is the recipe?  

I'm a good cook but I need to use every pot, pan, spoon in the whole kitchen. Well, after all, a girl needs to make an impression.

Alright.  If this is going to take place, let's get moving. I hope I have all the ingredients in the cupboard and 'fridge.

After a few fitful hours, I managed to get everything made.  The cookies turned out perfectly and I'm going to get changed out of my cooking clothes to something more festive to celebrate with my friends.  It will be a wonderful night, learning about the traditions in another culture.

З Різдвом Христовим!

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Mila / HUSH
Eyes: Miriel Hazel (no longer available)
Eyelashes: LeLutka Lola lashes
Hair: Truth Hair Saffron

Sweater: Clio free Italian blue sweater
Jeans: FD Entourage original (blue) (no longer available)
Apron: Cover Girl apron (white)

Earrings: Caroline's Jewelry large hoop earrings (silver)
Glasses: HOC apparel glasses (rectangular)

Furniture and accessories (pots, pans, microwave) The Infinite Kitchen

Poses: Baffle (Whisper)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"How silver-sweet sound lovers' tongues by night" {William Shakespeare}

Dear Diary:

Well, this is my very first entry for 2011.  It's a double whammy since I was able to fill Luna Jubilee's 52 weeks of color challenge and also show what I was wearing for the New Year's Eve party I went to.

I like to get dressed up for the parties on New Year's Eve but it's kinda bitter sweet.  The old year is ending - regrets? - never!  And the new year is beginning - apprehension? - somewhat!  I guess a lot of people feel that way.  What's ending?  What's coming?  But I look forward to the challenges that face me.  I've always been like that.

Everyone seems to make New Year's resolutions on January 1st.  Hmmm....I thought about it and I guess I did - somewhat [again].  I want to make this blog better.  I love the fashion part of it but I want to bring more to it than just that.  I want to take better pictures and I know what I have to do for that and will be striving to get more proficient in photography and writing.  Busy as I am, I vow I will try [fingers crossed].

Of course there's the usual promises of more exercise, better eating, calmer lifestyle but those never seem to last.  I do exercise, I follow some food sense and I try to keep a serene outlook.  That's about all I can fulfill on those ideas. 

It's going to be an exciting and wonderful year.  I feel that.  Will it be a different Dreamer who writes in this diary?  No.  I doubt it.  I think it will be the same old me but I'm looking forward to telling you about lots of things going on and I hope you enjoy it all.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Mila (Hush)
Eyes: Miriel Hazel (no longer available)
Eyelashes: Glow Studio Bohemia lashes (Raindrop)
Hair: Sadistic Hackers Corvus

Dress: Mimikri Alexa (silver)
Shoes: Stellar Design Strappy Stiletto (metal)

Earrings: Dark Mouse crystal earrings (silver) (12 days of Catandmousemas)
Necklace: YS & YS Afrika necklace (group gift)
Bracelets: Dark Mouse silver bangles

Cigarette: Foxy's smoke shop gold bitchstick

Poses: Olive Juice; Exposeur