Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nothing Like Exercising on a Spring Day

Dear Diary:

The other day I was complaining to Chloe that I really needed to get back to exercising.  The winter (and many chocolate covered almonds) had taken its toll on my backside.  Coincidentally, while shopping at My Attic, I spotted this great air step by Winx.  It has a lot of colour variations so you can choose whatever colour you feel like that day.  There are also many different exercises that you can do to get into better shape.

Of course I had to buy it so I could work on getting fit for the summer bikini weather.  I called my friends to come and try it out.

It was a warm sunny day so we decided to find an outdoor spot to exercise.  This beautiful park was an ideal place.

I gave them each an air step, let them choose the colour they wanted and told them to go to it!  Of course, Sam picked the leg lift since he wanted to sit down.

I think my muffin tops are a lot smaller now - ok - I said I think!

Good Night for now.

Sam is wearing:
Shirt: Lapointe & Bastchild Classic T shirt (blue)
Shorts: American Bazaar Frippe Bermuda (blue)
Sneakers: BigO O-zone S-word (blue) (SL Marketplace)

Chloe is wearing:
Hair: Analog Dog quest
Tank and shorts: Eyelure Sports tank and shorts (pink)
Sneakers: kokoia Vernon (white)

I'm wearing:
Hair with headband: W&Y #135 (no longer available)
Tank top: Eyelure tied tank (flower pop)
Sweat pants: Eyelure capri sweats (lime)
Sneakers: kokoia Vernon (lilac)

Exercise pad: W Winx & Flair AeroStep (at My Attic)

Location: Birchdale Mall

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Where Are You Wearing Your Towel This Year?

Dear Diary:

Another year to celebrate Towel Day is upon us.  Towel Day is a global observance of the life of author Douglas Adams, who wrote "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".  I posted about the history in 2013 and shared my celebration with my friend, Sam in 2014 . Towel Day was first observed on May 25th, 2001, two weeks after Adams's death, and was named as such due to a quote in his book that referenced the greatness of towels. 

Therefore, towels are very prominent symbols used on this day.  It doesn't matter the colour or size.  Some towels are embroidered with phrases from the "Guide" book.  The most common are "42" (the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything); "Don't Panic" (an instruction for the use of the fictional "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"); and "Mostly harmless" (the entry for planet Earth in the Guide).

You can pick up this Towel Day towel, made by Uccello Poultry, FREE on Marketplace.  While there, the man in your life can also pick one up for himself.

Check the Towel Day website for events taking place on this day.

"Always know where your towel is" (Douglas Adams)

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Body: Maitreya Lara
Skin: Izzie's Romy
Lipstick: Pink Fuel Glossy Pout (blue)
Nail polish: The Wicked Peach Mani/Pedi Spring Basics
Hair: Maitreya Saar

Towel: Pop Shop 2015 Towel Day (SL Marketplace)

Swim mask, fins and pose: Balaclava Divers in the City

I'm wearing my towel underwater at Nber's Island

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Plotting Sweet Revenge Over A Sweet Dessert

Dear Diary:

After the "trauma" from last week, I really needed to vent my anger and frustration so I called up my good friend, Chloe, and said, "Let's have coffee sometime soon."  Of course she agreed right away.  I wanted to go somewhere really pleasant since my mood wasn't that way.  She said she knew of the perfect spot with a calming ambience and great scenery.  I was all for it.

We flew out to this wonderful location, the Indea Vaher Gallery.  It has a lot of small artsy shops, with a homey feeling.  We found this great Tapas Bar that serves meals but also coffee and calorie-laden desserts.  Chloe, who is always conscious of her weight, had coffee while I, who spilled my irritations out for over an hour, filled my stomach with sweet sedations, while I plotted REVENGE!!

Actually the afternoon was spectacular.  I felt much better clearing my head of all the negativity I had built up.  It made more room for the positive thoughts (of plans for my vengeful attack)

Good Night for now.

Chloe is wearing:
Hands: Slink AvEnhanced v 2.1  Rt - pointed; Lft - elegant
Hair: Analog Dog Multipass
Dress: Valentina E Chloe striped Lee dress (bubblegum)
Shoes: GField Ribbon Slingback (lavender)
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer Ashira Teardrop (pink)
Bracelet: Finesmith (silver) (gift)

I'm wearing:
Body: Maitreya Lara
Hair: W&Y Hair #148 (no longer available)
Dress: Luas Store vintage spring dress (green)
Sandals: Essenz Tripoli (white)
Earrings: Izzie's Chunky Chain earrings (silver)
Bracelet: Zaara Banjara kada

Food and poses in the furniture

Location: Indea Vaher Gallery

Friday, May 15, 2015

How Could I Have Done That?

Dear Diary:

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!  That's me kicking myself all the way around SL.  Last Sunday while waiting to go out for a lovely Mother's Day Brunch, I was in a (reliable) group talking about different items related to the group objective.  Everyone was complaining how huge their inventories were getting and I was right along with them.  A few people mentioned different organizers that could be purchased through Marketplace.  I was listening intently and thought this might be a good idea for me to be able to get my inventory under control.  Not thinking, I clicked on one of the Marketplace addresses that was offered.  Well, it was definitely the WRONG thing to click on.  I wondered why it didn't take me any place - hmmm - shrugged my shoulders and continued on.

The next morning I decided to take a quick log in before work.  I had bought some planters for my home and wanted to see how they looked.  I couldn't log in.  Never thought anything about it until a friend emailed me to say I was "persona non grata".  I quickly tried again and still couldn't log in.  I was nobody!

So, yes.  When I clicked on that link, it gave someone my log in identification and they literally wiped me out and deleted my account.  Through the perseverance of Linden Labs, I was able to get my identity back AND the money into my account.  I was so grateful.  I did get most of my inventory back except for my new flower planters, some furniture and my pet flamingo.

This was a tough lesson.  I've been in SL long enough to know that everyone here is NOT my friend; that everyone here is NOT here for fun; and that everyone here is NOT honest.

I paid the price.  I should have known better.

Good Night for now.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Diary:

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, a time to honour the mothers in our lives.  The job has many rewards, painful times and happy occurrences.  And, it is a permanent full time position that lasts for life.  So tomorrow talk to your Mom, tell her you love her and thank her for the years of support she has given to you.  I only wish I could do that for my Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to every mother and thank you for doing such a fabulous job.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: Izzie's Romy
Lipstick: Izzie's natural matte
Eyes: Ikon Sunrise (deep hazel)
Lashes: MC Falsies
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Dress: Fawny Guest of 50's (pink)
Hat: Meli Imako Mesh Summer hat (tinted) (SL Marketplace)
Earrings: Caroline's Princess diamond earrings (SL Marketplace)

Pose: oOo studios