Saturday, October 24, 2015

Once a Geek - Always a Geek

Dear Diary:

One year Strawberry Singh had a Monday Meme encouraging us to find out if we were geeks or nerds.  I took the test.  I came out 59% geek.  I always knew that.  So when the Geeks n' Nerds Fair started, I flew out to see it as soon as I could.  THAT was my kind of fair!

I did spend a lot of $$ but here are a few of my favourite purchases:

I love this prop (with poses) by Cubic Cherry, "The Doctor is in.."  I was always a fan of Charlie Brown and Dr Who so I feel this was a combo of the two.  The booth comes in 3 colour options and several poses.  I felt so...ummm...helpful sitting there.  

My tee is by Cute Poison.  The shirt is mesh body compatible, comes in black with 6 different messages on the front.  It's a fun buy.

To top it off, I visited Izzie's booth.  She has a free gift of "googly" eyes that make you look crazy.  What I liked best was her gacha machines that coughed up wonderfully geeky sayings.  They come on yellow stickies that can be moved around to stick on any part of your body. 

The Fair closes on November 1 so make sure you get to see all the fantastic offerings by these talented creators.  The sim itself is well worth seeing.  It's a clever design that shows off the vendor locations to the best. 

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing from the Geeks n' Nerds Fair:
Tee: Cute Poison Talk Nerdy Shirt
Sticky Notes: Ceks Note, Win Note, Return Note all from Izzie's

Prop (with pose): Cubic Cherry The Doctor is in...(blue)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Falling Asleep Can Be Difficult

Dear Diary:

Sometimes I have difficulty falling asleep so I often read when I go to bed.  Depending on the book in my hand, I could fall asleep quickly or take some time getting adjusted but whatever the situation, I eventually fall asleep.

This method always seems to work for me so I was surprised when I read that "bibliotherapy" was fast becoming a great remedy for those that couldn't fall asleep quickly.  A bibliotherapist interviews patients to perhaps see what might be bothering the client.  Then after the session, the therapist may suggest a fiction book that could have an impact on the person.  The theme or message of the book could provide invaluable treatment.  This is not a totally new idea.  Veterans from the Second World War, who experienced great trauma, were often given books in an effort to heal their minds.

I will always enjoy reading when I go to bed.  It does help me sleep.  And someday I hope to finish one of the books I start.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Body: Maitreya Lara
Skin: Izzie's Romy
Eyes: Slink mesh lids and lashes
Hair: elua Yepi

Jammies: Digital Girl Design Sarah pj set (SL Marketplace)
Slippers: Just Design Slipper Fur Leo (currently at Uber)
Glasses: Adi's Stuff Papa's glasses (FREE) (SL Marketplace)

Antique Curved Pewter Bed
White lace bed with ruffled skirt (tinted)
Fall tribal and fall oak pillows
All from La Galleria

Picture: DARE Art Oral Culture by Chance Greatrex (no longer available)

Pose: Behavior Body (no longer available)

Friday, October 16, 2015

I Celebrated National Grouch Day

Dear Diary:

I am NOT a grouchy person!  So when I read that " if you are a grouch, October 15th is your special day", I laughed.  That certainly didn't mean me.  But then my day started.

There was no coffee beans left to make my morning cup; the zipper on my skirt jammed and I had to shimmy out of it and my hair was just out of control.  On the way to work, a man in a truck cut me off in the turning lane and I spilled the coffee I had just picked up at Tim Horton's.  By the time I pulled into the parking lot at work, I realized I had forgotten the top half of my uniform.  I had also forgotten my lunch at home.  I completely forgot about a teleconference that I was supposed to log in to and when I finally remembered, it was on a topic I didn't know anything about.  After work, I was late getting home and suddenly thought that I was supposed to pick up milk at the store.  As I was backing out of the driveway, I noticed the gas gauge was almost on empty which meant that supper would be much later than usual.

Did I turn into a grouch?  You bet I did.  Next year I will circle the 15th on the calendar.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Body: Maitreya Lara
Skin: Izzie's Romy (pale)
Eyes: Ikon Sunrise (deep hazel)
Lashes: MC Falsies
Lipstick: Zibska Ingavi lips
Hair: D!va Hair Asami

Tee and jumper: ufo melted suspender dress (carrot) (October Collabor88)
Earrings: ieQED Brisa earrings (gold)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Dear Diary:

This is Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada.  In my first world, I'm cooking a big turkey dinner for all my family and friends.  In my second life, I'm celebrating In the same way.

I invited Sam and Chloe for a mouth-watering turkey dinner, lots of stuffing, lots of gravy and finishing off with pumpkin pie and whipped cream.

The three of us wish all of our Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the day with family and friends.

Good Night for now.

Pumpkin pie, coffee and d├ęcor from La Galleria.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Wonderful Colours of Autumn

Dear Diary:

The beginning of the fall season started a few weeks back and in my part of the world it's very evident.  The trees are turning quickly - yellow, orange and a lime green.  I don't have many hardwoods in my area so there aren't a lot of the bright red sugar maples.  The few that do pop up occasionally are very noticeable.  I called up my friend Chloe and asked if she would like to play in the leaves.  She was all for it.

Just getting into an area that looked like our autumn, brought out the "kids" in us.  It's always fun to get in a pile of leaves and throw them around.  But then you have to rake them up again.

Good Night for now.

Chloe is wearing:
Hair and hat: Argrace bucket hat Kai
Sweater: Meli Imako women's hooded cardigan (SL Marketplace)
Jeans: Coco Designs skinny jeans

I'm wearing:
Hair: elua demi
Jacket: Ascend Baja poncho (red)
Jeans: Maitreya zipper skinny jeans

Poses (with leaves): Amitie Autumn Love

Location: Hippie Park