Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's a Day for Pine's Dawn

Dear Diary:

The Twisted Colour Challenge was perfect for me this week, along with a pose I had, and here's why!

I'm an early riser.  I'm up at dawn most mornings -  weekends or vacation days - it doesn't matter. 

When I wake up, I have a routine that I follow.  I get out of bed and go to the kitchen to turn on the coffee.  Then I jump in the shower.  After that, the coffee is ready so I grab the first cup of the day.  I turn on the television and watch the news.  By then I've drunk the coffee so I make myself some toast, pour another cup and settle down for more news.

Up at dawn - favourite jammies are green - necessary coffee!  What more could a girl ask for?

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Lola (light)
Eyes: Ikon Sunrise (deep hazel)
Hands: SLink mesh rigged hands (casual)
Feet: Gos Boutique Barefoot v2 (flat)
Hair: Tiny Bird Sodom South Georgia (no longer available)

Pyjamas: Lazy ASS pyjamas (green)
Tank top: caLLie cLine signature tank (spring green)

Poses: tea s (Let me have my coffee first!)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm a True Taurean

Dear Diary:

Ah yes!  As we enter the 30th to 50th degree of the zodiac, between 27.24 and 54.75 degrees of celestial longitude, I realize that we arrive at the second sign.  Taurus!  And another birthday for me.

People born under this sign make good friends, who are very loyal, considerate and caring.  They value their home life, family and are very quick to forgive.  They often become professionals, in architecture or medicine but also prove to be good managers, teachers or musicians.

Of course, Taureans can also be opinionated, argumentative, and egotistical.  Yes, they're good natured but when provoked show a quick temper.  But none of this applies to me **cough cough**

One of the characteristics of Taurus people is love for the outdoors so I flew out to meet some bulls on a farm so we could compare horns.

A recent quote I read is a good description of fellow Taureans: 

"Your attitude problem doesn't bother a Taurus.  He will either ignore you, laugh at you or show you what real attitude is!"
Good Night for now.
I'm wearing:
Tee: RR Designs Zodiac 02 Taurus (2b) (SL Marketplace)
Jeans: Emery Mid Rise Skinny jeans Kooks Originals
Horns: LouLou&Co Horns Libertad (Zodiac Taurus)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Dream of Coastal Nights

Dear Diary:

For some reason, the thought of "Coastal Nights" made me think of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, who starred together in "Casablanca" made in 1942.  It was my great aunt's favourite film and I watched it with her whenever it came on television. The movie was so romantic [at least to a young girl], that I wanted to act on the memory of that movie.  Consequently, I went for a retro look for the colour challenge this week.

The film took place on the coast of Morocco in the city of Casablanca, which now has a population of over 3 million people.  The city has a Mediterranean climate, warm and sunny during the day, with the coast being cooled by currents off the Atlantic Ocean.  As I look out the window at the piles of snow that I got on Friday, I AM dreaming of coastal nights!

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Lola (light)
Lipstick: SEVEN Glossy Lipstick (peachy brown)
Eyes: Ikon Sunrise (deep hazel)
Eye makeup: Mozz Cosmetics winged eye with lashes (silver blue)
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Marcie

Dress: ILAYA Magda retro dress (peach)
Shoes: GF Mesh Wedge pumps Adele (royal blue)
Hat: LaGyo Bow hat jojoba (tinted)
Gloves: .SHI Leather gloves (navy) (gift)
Purse: Hysterical Glam Norma clutch (navy) (SL Marketplace)

Poses: D Luxx Poses

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Know When to Relax

Dear Diary:

I love dark chocolate.  Yesterday I opened one of my favourite chocolates, the ones with the sayings inside, and the printed message jumped out, "Know When to Relax".  It was speaking to me!

Yes, I go to aerobics.  Yes, I lift weights.  I do all the exercises that are good for me but that just gets me pumped up.  A friend suggested I try yoga for the ultimate in a restful evening.


These pictures make me look super good at yoga, thanks to Coco Creations, but unlike the masterful poses you see here, I've discovered in my first life I'm totally inflexible.  Totally!!  Instead of making me relaxed, I was rolled up in knots.

OK...tried it.  I found out yoga was hard work.  So back to the chocolate and looking for a better message.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Hair: W&Y #135
Yoga suit: Stellar yoga jacket and pants (green)
Feet: Gos Boutique Barefeet arched

Poses: Coco Creations (Pose Fair 2013) 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

And What is Peony's Secret?

Dear Diary:

Let me break this combination down:

PEONY: I really like this flowering shrub.  I have several in my garden.  Unfortunately ants love them too.  I wish I could cut them and bring them into the house but that would be like inviting the ants to a picnic.

SECRET: I'm very good at keeping secrets.  When I'm told not to tell, I don't!  But do I have secrets?  Doesn't everybody?

So...think I've covered the Twisted Colour Challenge for this week.  Let's hope Sookie doesn't have a new colour next week called, "Name Your Secrets".

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Lola (light)
Lipstick: SEVEN Glossy Lipstick (nude)
Eyes: Ikon Sunrise (deep hazel)
Eye makeup: elymode eyeshadow and eyeliner (green)
Lashes: MG eyelashes groomed medium
Hair (with hat): LeLutka Breeze (tinted) (gift)

Tank: Callie Cline signature tank (leaf green)
Sweater: Leri Miles Designs Ziva Cardigan sweater (sage)
Jeans: Emery jeans Skinny Passe (terracotta)
Shoes: Aleida Vivian pumps (banknote) (no longer available)

Necklace: Mood Trouble Talks (no longer available)

Poses: slouch (from Pose Fair 2013)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A New Store to Me #4

Dear Diary:

The other day I was shopping and came upon a store that was "new to me".  It's called :::podium:::.  and the owner / creator of these fabulous designs is nelsat kanya.  The store features all mesh clothes, casual but with a quirky taste which I love. 

The off-shoulder tee that I'm wearing, comes in a large variety of colours, all with different images and sayings.  I picked up a couple since the price was so reasonable.

I added skinny jeans in coral as it will be spring one of these days and it brought out the colours in the tee very well.  The jeans also come in many bright, springy colours, as well as a good selection of traditional denim shades. 
To complete the outfit, I bought flats also in coral.  The shoes come in every colour of the rainbow, can match anything in your closet, and are the hot seller for this spring in either world.
It was really hard to decide what to feature from this store.  There's a cute hooded dress that I really loved.  Again the colour choices were numerous.  The skirts were trendy and flirty and would go with any top, while a featured dress was perfect for a job interview or could be dressed up with jewelry for a night out.

I decided to also show one of WetCat's items from Pose Fair.  The frosted windows in the three sided prop have 6 poses in them, 3 male, 3 female but the poses could be unisex.

Check out Podium in your travels.  Bet you can't leave without buying a new outfit.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Shirt: :::podium::: shoulder off mesh shirt (beats)
Jeans: :::podium::: mesh Skinny jeans (coral)
Shoes: :::podium::: textile summer flats (coral)

Prop: WetCat "Jack or Jill" Pose Prop (Pose Fair 2013)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

♫Boysenberry Fields Forever♪♪-oops-Wrong Words

Dear Diary:
I love the colour combination for the Twisted Colour Challenge this week.  Purple and brown go very well together, even though purple and black seem to be more of a traditional connection. 
I also love the taste of boysenberries.  I've never tried to grow them but I have picked them.  It's easy to get scratched, seeing the berries grow on a vine with lots of thorns.  It's worth it! 
Good Night for now.
I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Lola (light)
Lipstick: HeadTurners Matt Lipstick Dark (cookie lips)
Eyes: Ikon Sunrise (deep hazel)
Eye shadow: Mozz Cosmetics Glittery Smokey eye (purple)
Lashes: MG Eyelashes Wild Full Thick
Hair: Plume Allure (no longer available)
Dress: Purple Moon Mum gown in purple
Shoes: Gos Boutique Angelina Peeptoe (chocolate)
Earrings: je suis Precieuse Earhoops
Poses: Marukin (Collabor88 March)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Overcome by Sangria's Shadow

Dear Diary:

Sangria is a wine punch, found typically in Spain or Portugal.  It's made up of red wine, honey or sugar, a variety of chopped fruit and sometimes brandy.  Often a pop, such as Ginger Ale, is substituted for the brandy.  The taste varies depending on what type of fruit or alcohol you use.  White wine can be added to the punch also, in place of red wine.  I don't really like sangria very much as a drink but I do like it as a colour. 

I'm lovin' this Challenge!

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Lola (light)
Lipstick: Izzie's Dark Vibrant Lipstick (dark raspberry)
Eyes: Ikon Sunrise (deep hazel)
Eye makeup: Mozz Cosmetics Colourful winged eye with lashes (brown)
Nails: Izzie's Classic nails
Hair: Dura Girl #37

Sweater: VIRTISTRY Cropped boatneck sweater (sangria) (SL Marketplace)
Pants: CoCo Slim fit pants (gold)
Scarf: Mutresse Sequined scarf (gift)
Shoes: MsGraphic Designs MSD010 shoe (sangria) (now only on SL Marketplace)

Book: Elymode

Poses: oOo Studio