Year 2

I really can't believe I've finished my second year of writing this blog.  Do I enjoy it as much as when I started? YES!  Do I have as much fun writing it?  YES!  Am I running out of ideas? NO!

When I started writing the blog, I had no idea of how long I would keep at it.  "Maybe I could do it for 6 months", I thought.  Six months passed.  "That time went by pretty fast.  I think I could go another 6 months at least", I pondered.  And here I am at the end of two years having just as much fun as I did at the beginning.

Part of the fun is participating in Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge Part Deux.  Every week I look through my closet to see if I can match the colour of the week or off I go to my favourite stores looking for the off-beat colour or at least something close to it.  Researching, writing and posting can be accomplished and then comes the picture!  Oh the agony of trying to get the right shot...the right pose...the right angle...only having that second world of ours, not co-operate in the least.  The fun comes on Sunday looking at all the wonderful, artistic pictures taken by the other bloggers who have gone through all the anxiety that I have.  It always amazes me how the same dress may be picked by a few but the results are always different.

In this past year, I've also met more friends in my second world and have expanded my travels to more exotic places so my other world has still held my interest.  My first world has become busier - work, family, and every day jobs seems to have taken up more of my time.  Not complaining though!  I love my real world and have a wonderful life but it has taken a bit of time away from my pursuits in my other world.  I haven't had as much time to be able to develop better photography skills.  But maybe this year.  Well, that's the plan anyway.

Thanks to all of you again for reading my blog, adding me to your favourite reading list or just looking to see what crazy topic I'll be writing about.  That makes it all worth while.

Til next year...and never stop dreaming.