Year 3

"It is not a bad idea to get in the habit of writing down one's thoughts.  It saves one having to bother anyone else with them."
Isabel Colegate

And here it is...going into the third year that I've been bothering you with my thoughts.  You all deserve a medal!

I can't believe where this year has gone!  Yes, I think I say that every year but it's true.  The time seems to fly by and I seem to be missing the plane! 

I look back on what I wrote the previous years and my goals haven't changed much.  I would still like to do better photographs but with the limitations of a increasingly busy first life, the aging of a much used computer and the fact that I just don't have the talent, I can't see my photography skills getting better any time soon.  I will keep trying, keep that as a goal though and next year you'll see it posted here, YET AGAIN!

I still love this blog.  I look forward to writing my thoughts and ideas down every few days for everyone to read.  I'm so glad and grateful that all of you still take the time to read my much opinionated ramblings.

I love reading other blogs and looking at the wonderful photos, the colour combinations of clothing and the decorative, unusual or spectacular sims that you all seem to find.

My second life has not changed much in the past three years.  I still have the same close friends which I am very grateful for and still dance in the same silly way.  [I thought dancing in my second world was supposed to make me, like, Dancing With the Stars{?}]  It's a fun life.

Watch this space on June 13, 2014.  I'll still be writing things down and remember -

Never stop dreaming