Year 4

Can you believe I passed the "birthdate" of this blog without even remembering?  That just shows you what a busy crazy year I've had.

Again, time has passed me by.  Between RL work and SL fun, days weeks and months have run into each other. 

I looked back at my previous pages and not a lot has changed in my goals.  I would still love to take better photos (computer hasn't improved and neither have I!) but I'm picturing what I like to see and striving to make a better effort to not take the pictures in such a hurry.  That does happen occasionally.

I continue to love doing this blog.  It gives me a chance to put my thoughts into words.  It really is a stress reliever.  And I will continue giving you my opinions as long as I feel I can do that and as long as you want to read it.  My words give some insight into my life and I'm sure you realize that by now.

This year I've participated in a few challenges and have enjoyed them very much.  A challenge really does keep the brain cells fired up.  I like that and will join in whenever I can.  Thanks to those bloggers who manage to think up the content.  THAT in itself must be a challenge.

Well, that's it for another year.  Maybe...just maybe...I'll remember the date next year.  Watch this space...and remember...

Never stop dreaming