Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'm A Bad Girl Gone Good

Dear Diary:

Last week, I, along with most of my friends in my second world, took a trip to Hair Fair.  While we were having a blast trying on all the demos, I looked across at my friend Kiki and gasped, "Where did you get that hair?  I HAVE to know!!".  The look instantly took me back to my early "anti-establishment" days in my real world, and I knew I had to buy that hair.

This was exactly how I looked.  My hair was shaved and bleached blonde with black streaks.  It was a bit more spiky but close enough.  The tats were not as evident; the piercings were not so few but this look was me for sure.  It brought back thoughts of those years of rebellion.  It made me laugh when I pictured myself as I used to be.  Who would have thought?

Thanks for the memories.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Lipstick: HeadTurners Matt dark (liquorice)(store is empty at the moment)
Ears: Mandala Steking ears
Hands: Slink AvEnhanced hands (casual)
Hair: Tameless Remi
Tank: Immerschoen tank top Bad Girl

Tattoo: Letis Tattoo Love/Hate

Cigarette: Nikotin Cigarette classic

Pose: Focus Poses

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thinking About my Hidden Secrets

Dear Diary:

No one knows I have a second life.

No one knows who I am in my second world.

No one knows who I am on this blog.

Oh yes.  I have secrets.  But why?  Do you know?

I think the majority of my friends or family could not understand why I'm in this world.  I'm sure it would be difficult for them to comprehend how I could have a lovely home, an interesting career and a great variety of friends that I truly cherish, and all belong in a virtual world.  That idea is a hard concept for some of the older members in my family...and maybe some of the younger ones too!

My friends in this second world really are important to me but I haven't told any of them who I am in real life.  I've given them a name but it's only partially right.  I've given them a location of where I live but that's only half true.  I haven't shared very much of my personal life.  My real identity is still unknown.

The worst secret is that I'm writing this blog, something that I love accomplishing and no one in my first world or my second world knows that I'm doing this.  I like what I'm writing and proud of the things I produce.  But I'm not sharing it with anyone, in any world.

Sometimes it baffles me why I keep these secrets.  Sometimes I want to blurt out everything.  Sometimes I would like to share but...

I don't.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Hair: Diva Marie (gift)
Dress: Pulchritude Boho dress (grays)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui Blossom wedge sandals (black)
Earrings: Paper Couture Oxidized silver hoops
Necklace: MG Twin hearts (silver - long and medium)

My Thinking Chair: Morantique Garbo chair (Natura)

Monday, July 14, 2014

A New Store to Me #10

Dear Diary:

I discovered a new store to me the other day and was very excited at some of the things I saw.  The store is called Vitrimi.

I bought this dress thinking it would be perfect for an afternoon garden tea.  It comes in 5 colours - white, red or beige with black trim and black or navy with white trim.  I chose the navy since I had a fascinator that I was dying to wear.  I knew it would be perfect with a navy dress.

Vitrimi offers a lovely selection of dresses.  Some are quite sexy while others offer a lot of cover.  The colours and patterns are abundant.  The casual section has different types of pants and a variety of tops to mix and match.  I made a quick return visit yesterday and saw that Vitrimi is now offering clutch purses and a small selection of shoes compatible with Slink feet.  On the whole, I was impressed with what the store is offering.  

The store has a second floor but no inventory is available there yet.

Right now the group list is relatively small so there is no fee for joining.  Even though you have to pay $1L for the group gifts, you receive very generous fatpacks of the item.  The newest gift is an outfit with 4 dfferent patterned skater girl skirts and a pop top in black or white.  The other group gifts are still offered in the store.

This is a very nice place to shop.  It's easy to see the merchandise and the items are displayed very well.  Fly on over and take a peek at Vitrimi.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Dress: Vitrimi Couture dress (navy)
Gloves: Low lace gloves (white) (SL Marketplace)
Hat: Pirschjaeger white fascinator (SL Marketplace)
Shoes: Gos Boutique Sophia Peeptoe (white)
Earrings: je suis precieuse hoops

Pose: Diesel Works (summer gift)

Location: PixelArt PhotoGardens

Monday, July 7, 2014

A Trip to Summerfest 14

Dear Diary:

It was a beautiful weekend in both my worlds so I decided to take a quick run to Summerfest 14.  I had been early on but the crowds were so big that I had a hard time getting around.  This time it was perfect!

I picked up this bikini from Nylon Outfitters that came in so many colours, it was hard to choose.  The price was right so I picked up a couple of them.  This one went well with my mask and flippers.  Now, out to the beach!

The swimming was great once the water calmed down.

Only a week left to visit Summerfest for some terrific buys.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Hair: Dura Boy 44
Bikini: Nylon Outiftters String Bikini (Jailbird) Summerfest14
Mask and fins: Balaclava Divers in City (yellow)

Poses: Flowey Summerfest14

Water texture: Trompe Loeil Water Normal Maps FREE (SL Marketplace)

Location: Otium

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Canada!

Dear Diary:

Canada ranks as the second largest country in the world.  Canada has the longest coastline in the world at 243,792 km.  And Canadian Joe Shuster co-created Superman for DC Comics.   These were three facts about Canada that I didn't know.

July 1st marks Canada's 147th birthday.  For this occasion, Historica Canada put out a quiz of 15 questions that every Canadian should be able to answer.  The survey covered everything from politics to geography with some social aspects thrown in.  I got 10 correct.

About 92% of the people surveyed said Canadians are polite (Isn't that a standard joke about us?);  86% agreed there is definitely a "Canadian identity" (Of course, eh?); and 89% are proud of their heritage (Agree to that!).  However, 44% of the respondents could not name 2017 as Canada's 150th anniversary and 11% could not identify the correct opening lines of the national anthem, "O Canada" (I DID get that right!)  To see the results, check here.

Have a wonderful July 1st.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Hat: Caligula Baseball cap Canada (SL Marketplace)
Tee: Simply Canadian flag women's tank (SL Marketplace)
Shorts: ba! mesh denim shorts

Sign: Fairplay Designs and Art  Happy Birthday Canada transparency banner

Pose: Abranimations