Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Dear Diary:

This Sunday, June 21st, is Father's Day.  Celebrate this day with your father be it in person, by phone or in thoughts.

A happy day to all the fathers.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Hair: Diva Bambi
Dress: Shimmer Checkered Sundress Fitmesh (SL Marketplace)
Earrings and bracelet: Maxi Gossamer Summertime Easy Living

Cake and slice: Father's Day Cake (SL Marketplace)

Dining table and chair: La Galleria Dinner Party Dining set for 4 Travertine and Linen

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Me & Lara Are Joined At The Hip

Dear Diary:

A few months ago, for her weekly Monday Meme, Strawberry Singh again asked our digits but also included a short questionnaire on mesh bodies.  You can see what I wrote then.  I was "meh" about the mesh body idea at that time.  I had demoed a few but found it too much trouble adjusting, fixing and hiding when adding clothes.  I ended up not being me at all.  I bought Maitreya's Lara on the advice of friends.  I put it on and liked it but it sat in my closet for quite awhile.  After writing the meme in April, I decided to really make an effort to give it a good run.  I did.  And now Lara and I are one.

I bought skin, difficult for me since I had worn the same skin for years.  But I do love my new one now.  Decidedly, I had to tweak a few things when I started to wear Lara all the time.  My boobs seemed to be too large so I made them a bit smaller.  I added to my arms to make them a little heavier.  I seemed to do some kind of change almost every day until I got a look I like.

I went on to join the "Maitreya Lara Friends Group" which is great for answering a lot of questions I had.  I read many blogs, especially "Mesh Body Addicts".  The Mesh Bodies 101 was a great post and very helpful for someone like me who always needs instructions.  Of course the Maitreya blog was great too. 

In the next Lara version, I would like to see more options, in particular with the hands, although Slink hands do work quite well with this body.

Never did I imagine I would be so taken with a mesh body.  I thought it would be like other things in my closet - bought on a whim; worn a few times; then discarded.  But it hasn't been that way at all.  I'm hooked!

Next I'll tackle those mesh heads!

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Body: Maitreya Lara
Skin: Izzie's Romy (pale)
Eyelids: Slink mesh lids and lashes
Lipstick: Izzie's dark vibrant lipstick (dark blackberry)
Hair: EMO-tions Windblown 8

Lingerie: Zaara Kanti lingerie (dull rose)

Pose: Olive Juice

Friday, June 12, 2015

I Bought Lots at The Arcade

Dear Diary:

SL offers many many great shopping events and believe me, I spend at ALL of them but the one event I love going to is The Arcade.  I'm not a gambler in my first life.  The Scottish part of me can't understand that concept.  I'm willing to spend money but I want something in my hand for it.  So The Arcade covers that for me.  I always get something for my money and it's a gamble in what the prize might be.  I was very lucky this time.
The rowboat, by {what next} is my favourite purchase.  You "wear" it so it can be used in any water area.  The oars fit nicely in your hands and you can actually row around at a good clip.
The swimsuit fits my mesh body very well.  I did buy a medium so everything is covered nicely.  It comes in an assortment of patterns and plains and I would have been happy with any of them.  The cap also comes in a good variety of cute patterns and the choices are all great.  I think the parasol gives me a "girly" look.
The wedges didn't show in this picture but I really love them.  They're made for Slink or Maitreya and come in so many colours.  I bought two pairs and am thinking of going back for another.  They look very nice with capris or a jumpsuit.
I bought more items than are shown.  A lot of house décor items are in the nautical theme so that fit in with my home perfectly.  I'm sure I'll be making another trip to The Arcade before it closes on July 1st.
Good Night for now.
From The Arcade:
Swimsuit: Stories & Co. (Flowey) Betty Swimsuit (dalmation)
Hat: Pizza's fitted cap (taco)
Shoes: Ingenue Carmen wedges (café)
Earrings: NO Funky earrings (septum ring)
Parasol: .tsg Ruffle parasol (baby blue)
Boat: {what next} 'Seafarer' Wearable Row Boat
Location: The lagoon next to my home

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A New Store to Me #14

Dear Diary:

My friend, Sam, came to visit the other day, wearing a fantastic tee and wild coloured shorts.  He looked very A-1!!  Not that he doesn't look good most of the time but sometimes he can be a bit...ummmm....overly casual.  Of course I had to ask him where he got the new clothes and he told me "Bomshie".  That definitely was a new store to me so I had to fly out and have a look.

I was very impressed with what I found.

When you enter the store, you're in the customer service area where there are great group gifts available on the counter and also a special item offered for the Saturday sale.  This week it was a jumpsuit  of summery colours, at a special price.  Of course I had to buy it since it looks great with sandals or stilettos.

The main floor has a lot of interesting clothing for women, with a small area for men.   Everything is a little edgy with different styling and bright colours.  There are a lot of patterns in skirts and tops.  I really like the brightness and playfulness of the clothes.
I noticed that the displays change quickly.  I've been to the store a few times and there's always new items on display. 

Bomshie does carry a few accessories - a good selection of clutch bags; very nice bracelets and some socks.  Just before the elevator, there is an area with shoes and some coats.

When you visit, don't forget to take the elevator up to the second floor where you'll find a lot more summer outfits, including swim suits.

 I bought a few things at Bomshie that were just my taste and they all fit me perfectly with very little adjustment.  I'm wearing my favourite purchase in the picture.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing from Bomshie:
Cara dress (golden)

I'm also wearing:
Body: Maitreya Lara
Eye shadow: mock Cosmetics Miss Vanity sampler
Lashes: Mon Cheri Falsies
Lipstick: Madrid Solo U-color-it Grace
Hair: Dura Boys & Girls 55
Earrings and bracelet: je suis asymetrique (red) (no longer available)
Shoes: kokoia Lupe (red)

Pose: D.Luxx  (now on SL Marketplace)

Location: !ndustry