Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lime - A - Licious!

Dear Diary:

You know how the saying goes - if you're given lemons, you make lemonade - so what do you get with a bunch of limes?

Lime juice?           LimeWire, the-under-a-court-injunction download company?                  LIME the Caribbean's leading communications company?             Key Lime pie?                      Lime, the fertilizer for your flowers?             Birdlime, the sticky stuff that can be smeared on branches to capture small birds?                      Limestone, a kind of rock?                Limelight, being the centre of attention?                   Chlorinated lime, a disinfectant?       Lime, a fanfiction?      Lyme disease? (Ooops...wrong spelling)


You get Electric Lime!!
Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Lola (light)
Eyes: Miriel Hazel (no longer available)
Eyelashes: LeLutka Lola
Hair: W&Y #147
Hair Accessory: Cover Girl holly and roses

Dress and leggings: Malt Fashion ROXY (limeade)
Shoes: labelmode Amber shoe (pistaccio)

Earrings: Aglaia Jewelry Heart of Gold
Bracelets: Malt bracelets (green and black)

Poses: HelaMiyo (gown poses)