Thursday, February 7, 2013

Putting the Penny out to Pasture

Dear Diary:

As of last Monday, Canada has retired the penny from circulation.  Over the coming years, the Royal Canadian Mint will be collecting them for melting and recycling the metal content. 

Why get rid of the one-cent coin?  It was costing about 1.6 cents each to manufacture.  By eliminating them, the savings to the government will be substantial.

Retailers have a choice to accept or refuse the discontinued coin.  If they refuse, they will have to round the amount of purchase up, or round the total down to the nearest five or ten cent increment [Hmmm....wonder if that will be to the benefit of the buyer?]  Electronic purchases, online or through a card will still be billed to the cent.  So I'm taking my pennies to the nearest bank as quickly as possible, here at Seraph City.

It's rumoured the five cent coin, the nickel, will soon follow and roll its way into extinction too.  I've got to start digging through my pockets and emptying my purse of all those coins.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Hair with hat: Truth Hair Snow Drake
Sweater: SMS Winter Sweater (brown)
Jeans: Pixie Dolls Basic Jeans (dust)
Boots: Shiny Things Ribbon boots
Scarf: Tartan scarf (red) (unknown)

Prop: Human-Sized Canadian Penny (SL Marketplace)

Gesture:  Perception

Location: Seraph City Bank