Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Shopping Trip Brings Lots of Laughs

Dear Diary:

Last weekend, my friend Chloe suggested we go on a shopping spree.  I'm always up for buying something new and adding to my already bulging closet.  Chloe got a notice that My Attic at The Deck had some exceptional items for truly reasonable prices, provided by skillful designers.  The Theme was "Pop Music" and as we are both big music fans, we decided to see what was there.  Well...we broke the bank!!

Chloe bought this fun prop with colour changeable walls, stripes and wording.  Of course we tried out all the possible colour combinations.  Every record has several poses and we tested them completely too.  You could have two other friends join you for a great photo op.

I'm a little more outgoing than Chloe so I chose neon hair to go with my rockin' outfit.  The outfit comes with four colour choices for the sequin top.  It even has the torn nylons.  She picked an equally cool dress that is really impressive.  It comes in a variety of shades and patterns and I think I'm going back to pick one of them up.  She was daring enough to get a hair do with streaks [hehehe].  Our purchases were fantastic for a one-stop-shop.   We had a blast! 

Drop into My Attic if you get a chance to see all the clothes, hair, and two amazing props.  There's only a few days left since it closes February 28th.

Good Night for Now.

All from My Attic:
On Chloe:
Hair: ploom Rene (candy)
Dress: DCNY Pop Princess Collection Candy Cutie

On Me:
Hair: Mina Hair (Spice)
Skirt, top and jacket: Stellar Gwen set (purple)

Prop with poses: W Winx and Flair - WinxBox - MPop