Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Warm Afternoon Post

Dear Diary:

I usually try to write something significant to you after I come home from work.  I change into some comfortable clothes, open the blinds to let in the sun, and sit at my desk in front of the computer.  Before I put my thoughts to paper, I look to see what's new in the world.  Today, an interesting paragraph, on technology, caught my eye.

Last year, it was estimated that about 33 million people use a tablet in place of their other computers.  To me, that seemed to be a high number but the article stated it was going to triple by 2014.  That got me thinking  - why?

I like my desktop and laptop.  There's something secure about having substantial pieces of computer, for me that is.  Alright, a tablet is only one piece and of course very mobile.  I used to argue that the keyboard on a tablet wasn't user friendly but it seems to have improved.  I guess I'm just going to have to give in to change.  Star Trek has become real!

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Sweater: HK n6 mesh loose sweater (free on SL Marketplace)
Leggings: en Svale leggings (dot) (gift)
Feet: Gos Boutique (barefeet arched)

Pose in desk and chair: MMG desk and chair