Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Wish for a World of Peace

Dear Diary:

September 21st has been celebrated as the International Day for World Peace or World Peace Day since 1982 and is to be free of war or violence on that day.  At the United Nations, the Peace Bell, forged from donated coins from children of all nations, is rung as a reminder of the importance of peace.

It reminded me of a time not so long ago that people also wanted world peace.  Was it more peaceful then or was it an attempt?
At this time, with the world in turmoil, people being displaced from homes and country, children exposed to crime and murder, we all need to wish for a better world.  Tomorrow let's hope that all violence will stop for the day....stop for the week...stop forever.

For more information on World Peace Day, go to or to learn about events or promotions for peace.


Good Night for now.

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