Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm Really Meshed Up!

Dear Diary:

I've never been one for "hunts".  Not that I think they're not worthwhile, but the reason is I'm not very good at them.  I don't have the patience to search under / over / behind things and I'm not very observant of what I'm actually looking for.  However, I did go on the "Mesh Around Hunt" and picked up a few great things.
I chose to show some of the men's items since it seemed to fit my location, Fantasy City.  I found lots of great women's items too, as well as furniture.

The Hunt is still on.  In most places the blue "M" is fairly easy to find but what really helped were the hints found here

The Hunt has been going on for a few days now so the stores aren't quite so busy, so it's a good time to start.  I still have a few more places to visit and am looking forward to seeing what else I can find.  I actually found this a fun time and really enjoyed looking for all the great MESH items.  

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing (mesh items from Mesh Around Hunt):
Hat: Evolve Greek Beanie
Tee: NN Mesh Men's slim T shirt

Other mesh items (not from Hunt):
Lashes: MG Eyelashes groomed medium (a great pair of earrings from the Hunt found here)
Pants: BND Men's jeans Baggy Army

Pose: LAP
Location: The Last Stop Coffee House