Sunday, November 13, 2011

Has the Occupy Movement run its course?

Dear Diary:

For the past few months, the Occupy movement has been in major cities around the world.  It even came to my city, smaller than Toronto or Vancouver.  I was surprised by the turn out of people we had.  It was small by numbers but very vocal.
It now seems that the whole idea behind the initial project has been forgotten.  Some of the participants have been violent and causing damage.  Others have been termed "squatters" since they have almost set up a home.   Most cities want the protesters to move on and there has been major resistance on the part of the activists to do so.  Halifax is the latest city to want them to move on; Vancouver has already issued eviction notices while Toronto demonstrators are winterizing their tents. 

Has the incentive behind this group been lost?  Have the idealists lost their motivation?  Interesting questions without answers.  It leaves us something to think about.

Good Night for now.

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