Thursday, October 2, 2014

A New Store to Me #11

Dear Diary:

When I visited The Instruments event last month, I picked up a cute dress from Sundaara Designs.  I wasn't familiar with the store so I decided to fly over to see what was there.  I was thrilled by what I saw.

Of course I had to buy!  These are a couple of dresses from my visit.

Sundaara Designs displays a good variety of casual but classy dresses.  The formal gowns are lovely and have a good range of colours and styles.  I loved the casual dresses that came in bright colour tones that were a little retro in their look.  Of course a few dresses are quite trendy, come in black and white, and would be great for a photo shoot for high-end modelling.  All the items are very reasonably priced so you can add lots to your inventory with little impact on your bank account.

I was truly impressed by the styles that were displayed.  Demos are available.  Everything is displayed well and it's easy to walk around and view the items. 

It's definitely a place to pick up a dress for any occasion so fly in for a look.  I know I'll be back for sure.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing from Sundaara Designs:
Left: Christina (sun)
Right: Zaara (CB2)

Background and Poses: Abranimations ProPhoto Studio