Thursday, May 2, 2013

A New Exhibit by Mathilde Vhargon

Dear Diary:

I've posted news on Mathilde Vhargon's wonderful digital art before.  I admire her work very much so I decided to feature her latest exhibit at the Cuauhnahuac Gallery.

Inside the foyer, there is a poster of Mathilde.  Click it to find a copy of her bio, a little about her paintings and where she has exhibits of her work.

Mathilde enjoys using primary colours in her digital art and it always amazes me how she manages to put it all together while maintaining aesthetic quality.  As a true artist, Mathilde compels the viewer to put their own meanings to each picture, regardless of the title.
Dream of Returning

Toward the Light
This last piece is my favourite from the new display.

Mathilde's signature mark is a leaf, in various forms or colours that she incorporates into all her paintings.  Can you find it?

I have gone to all of Mathilde's exhibits and think that this one is the best she's done.  The colours are outstanding and every piece portrays a thought provoking response.

Try to visit the Cuauhnahuac Gallery when you can.  The building itself is wonderful to visit and has a sense of serenity when walking through the rooms.  Mathilde's show is on the main floor and on the second is a very interesting display by Antenna Rae.

Good Night for now.

Location: Cuauhnahuac Gallery