Thursday, October 25, 2012

Those Dreaded School Pictures

Dear Diary:

The other day my neighbour popped in to show me the school pictures of her adored #1 daughter.  I gave the appropriate "Oh beautiful!  How sweet!  Such a nice smile" but was not very sincere with any of my comments.  The pictures were typical student pictures, shot as quickly as the shutter could click. 

I thought back to my horrible student pictures that inevitably went into the yearbook for posterity.

Why did I always have a bad hair day on THAT particular day?  Why did the bags under my eyes have handles?  Why was it I looked as if I gained 20lb over night?  And of course the school uniform certainly didn't add to the look!

I hated those school pictures.  I never had one taken that was flattering in any way.  Just like my neighbour, my Mom proudly showed them to all her friends.  I guess that's what Moms do.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:

School sweater: strip'd Prep top
Hair: Oh Hair Oh my Little Girl (no longer available)

Poses in prop: oOo Yearbook prop