Saturday, April 11, 2015

A New Store to Me #13

Dear Diary:

As I'm shopping around the grid, I find I'm attracted to the smaller stores.  Yes, there are a lot of larger ones that I'm used to and I truly love them, but when the stores are new to me, I like to be able to see the merchandise easily without having to "fly" from area to area.  Last week I found a store that was just perfect.

I'm rather a casual type of girl so Overhigh was the place for me.

My first purchase was my normal attire in either of my worlds.  When I'm home from work, it's jeans and a tee.  I loved these jeans from OVH.  They're straight legged, with a hint of a cuff.  They also have a bit of a sheen which is quite nice.  They come in various denim shades, but I chose the aqua, since my closet didn't have that colour in jeans.  The oversized tee also comes in various colours.  I liked this tee, since it did have a sporty look without the numbers or logo that most have.

My next buy was a sleevless dress that could cover any occasion.  This shade was entitled "pink" but it has more of a rusty colour to me which I prefer.  In the store, there are a variety of jackets or sweaters that you could put over the dress to give it more of a casual look.  The clutch has a 2 poses that work well with other animations.

Overhigh certainly has a variety of casual clothes from jeans to shiny leggings, from trendy skirts to jumpsuits and from casual flats to funky stilettos.  The prices are very reasonable.  I will go back again.

**UPDATE** I went back to OVH on the weekend to pick up some more items and they now have a nice selection of Southwest clothing.  There are two different ponchos, patterned skirts and a very cute gaucho-like hat.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing from Overhigh:
Picture 1:
Loose Tshirt (black)
Sia jeans (aqua)

Picture 2:
Ivy Dress (pink)
Greta bag (carmel)

Hair: Truth Hair Riley (picture 1)
          Analog Dog Val (picture 2)

Necklace: Finesmith Mixgold (picture 2)

In both pictures:
Hands: Slink AvEnhanced v2.1 (casual)

First location: Bubblegum Club
Second location: Done Wiv a Twist