Friday, March 27, 2015

The Boho Look

Dear Diary:

I love the Bohemian look.  My mother was a child of the '60's and had great clothes from that time period.  I loved the natural cotton and casual styles.  I often wore them at Hallowe'en as a costume.  So when Shiny Shabby announced that the theme for this month was Boho, I grabbed my wallet and flew out quickly.

I tried on a lot of clothes on my shopping trip but I really liked the shorts and tee from Reverie.  The shorts come in various shades of denim accompanied by a brown or black belt.  The tee also has many colour choices and tucks in on one side of the shorts.  It's a very casual outfit with a comfy look.
The next stop was hair.  It had to be on the longish side, a natural straightness and definitely required a scarf headband.  I found the exact look at Mina.  There is a HUD for both the scarf and hair.
Lastly, my buy was the beautiful and exotic set from Oyasumi.  The rug and pillows had that boho look with natural looking patterns and fibres.  There are 6 poses in the prop, all which portray a relaxing look to sit, lie or meditate.
There is a lot more to see at the venue.  This run of Shiny Shabby ends April 15th.  Fly out and have a look at some spectacular items.
Good Night for now.
Hair: Mina Hair Jacky
Tee: Reverie LA Woman Tucked Tee (red)
Shorts: Reverie LA Woman BFs cutouts (grey wash, black belt)
Rug and Pillows: oyasumi