Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shakespeare in Sartorial Splendor

Dear Diary:

Berry really does challenge us every week but I thought the Monday Meme this week was going to be colossal but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

I flew into several places but it seemed that everybody was in a hurry and as soon as I had them in a good position for a pic, off they would go!  I thought I should go to a place where people would not be so frenetic and just want to look around so I decided to visit The Men's Department.  And there, I found the perfect person. 

First of all, I really liked his look.  He portrayed an air of casualness but skated around with complete confidence.  I watched him for awhile and decided that I wanted him for a picture.  From our conversation, I think he was trying to achieve a look and he got it SO right. I didn't get his clothing choices but he put it together very well.  I liked everything about him, including his name.  I was nervous about asking but he was very friendly and cooperative. Our conversation went something like this:
  Me: Hi Shakespeare....would you mind if I took your pic?
  Shakespeare : hello Yes sure
  Shakespeare : with this silly hair? lol
  Me: Super!!!  Thanks And you look great! 
  Shakespeare : ah thanks
  Shakespeare : decided to change today, to teen look
  Shakespeare : where you want to take it, here?
  Me: Yep...just stay there
  Shakespeare: ok
  Shakespeare : lol ok , why you want my pic?
  Me: I'm doing it for a blog challenge...do you want me to send a link when I post it?
  Shakespeare : sure, if you want to share it
  Me: Can I use your name too?  You have a cool name
  Shakespeare : use my name?
  Me: Yes, like mention who you are
  Shakespeare: yes yes you can use it
  Me: Wonderful...you're the best!!
  Me: btw....why Shakespeare?
  Shakespeare : ahhh I like the bard
  Shakespeare : you?
 Me: Me too  :)  That's why I noticed you
 Shakespeare : nice to meet you
 Me: Nice to meet you too  And thanks again...appreciate it

What a great time I had!  And it reinforced how truly nice people are.

"We know what we are, but
not what we may be."
William Shakespeare   1564-1616

Good Night for now.