Saturday, January 17, 2015

Do You Work in an Office Like This?

Dear Diary:

In my Grandmother's time, women who started working in an office were in a large open room where everyone had a desk, usually facing the front of the room or the door area, to give a welcoming appearance to the office.  But that quickly changed over the years.

In the late 1950's, Robert Propst was seen as an early inventor of ergonomics.  He studied office workers to see where he could correct their useless and meaningless actions.  He designed the "stand-up" desk in order to curb the look of wasted time in just sitting.  Obviously this was not met with a lot of appeal by the employees.  Almost 10 years later, Propst came up with the idea of a "movable" office with walls that could be adjusted to make a new floor plan but at the same time giving each office worker a personal space.  This was perceived as a "flexible" environment.   Many offices are still using this design.  However, the furniture arrangement has not been met with approval.  It's depicted as cold and stagnant, with a lot of negativism expressed by the employees.  (Read "Dilbert")

Today, most of our office settings have not changed that much.  Generally there still are the cubicles.  Buildings have tried to add gym areas, coffee shops or health care areas to give a well being to the workers. 

But the cubicles still exist.

Good Night for now.

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