Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shoetopia Shopping Spree

Dear Diary:

Finally, my friend Chloe and I managed to get into the very busy Shoetopia event.  The venue has been packed and we never seem to be able to enter the sim or even move once we got there.  We usually shop together and always have a lot of fun doing it.  When I say we shop, I mean we SHOP!  So we decided to split up and meet after for coffee.  We both bought lots of shoes and, the funny thing is we both bought some of the same shoes. 

Just before we left, I decided to try the Gacha machines and was lucky enough to get this rare Rack prop pose.  It was perfect for Chloe and I.  It gave us a chance to wear some of our new shoes.

One more week for Shoetopia!  The crowds seem to have thinned a bit so it's a good chance to look at all the new items - everything from stilettos to boots.

Good Night for now.

Chloe is wearing:
Boots: LaRoo Kourtney Boots (white) (Shoetopia 2)

I'm wearing:
Boots: Ison Metal plate bootie (black) (Shoetopia 1)

We're both wearing:
Requiem The Art of Fashion Special Edition (FREE) (SL Marketplace)

Pose Prop: Rack poses Shoetopia Gacha (rare)