Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Store to Me #8

Dear Diary:

I found a new store the other day and it proved to be a great place to buy a little of everything.  The name of the place is Yulicie ....hmmmm...just thought...wonder if that's a take-off on Ulysses.  But back to the boutique.

I like the build of the place.  It's very down-to-earth and has a comfortable feeling.  There's a hopscotch on the floor right at the entrance.  The inventory is not jammed into every spot so it's easy to walk around other customers.  The visual look is very appealing.

There's a wide variety of casual clothing, everything from jeans, spandex and tees to pretty feminine tops and dresses.  Many of the items have a HUD so you can change the look to stretch your wardrobe, as in my selection.

I'm wearing a spandex pant, with suspenders and crop tee.  It comes in 6 colours, and with five different HUDs that can be purchased separately.  The HUD allows you to change the tee to different themes.

The  Yulicie Mainstore also has a good selection of hair for men and women.  I chose the man's style since I wanted to wear a hat.  Shoes and boots are on the second floor, along with jewelry and a few poses.  It's a total department store.

Since I got a cup of cappucino from the Gacha machine at Yulicie, I visited Mug Shot Coffee House to enjoy sitting in the sun with the cat, who seems to be most unimpressed.

Visit Yulicie and browse through their items.  You'll enjoy your visit.

Good Night for now.

From Yulicie:
Hair with Hat: [y] Style (comes with different hair colours)
Tee and Overalls: [y] Nora Outfit (lime)
Shoes: [y] Slip on (black)
Cup: [y] Cup Cappucino II

Locations: Mug Shot Coffee House