Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Are You a Redhead? Natural or a Wannabe?

Dear Diary:

Not too long ago, I was reading about an event where all the participants who were invited had to have red hair.  The only stipulation was it had to be natural.  Coloured or tinted hair was not invited to the party!  The organizers were hoping to foster a greater sense of community amongst the redheads and encouraged everyone to tell of their experiences growing up as a "ginger". 

Sometimes people with red hair have been teased about their colouring and this shows up as a common thread throughout history.  Red hair was considered a sign that women sporting this hair colour were witches, in the 14th century.  Those women would be put to death without any other reason. Unknowingly at that time, it was genetics that gave natural redheads their pigmentation, inherited from an ancestor.  A parent may not have red hair but will pass that gene down to their children.  There have been articles stating that eventually red hair will be phased out of the genetic code but that has not been verified.

Since on an average, only 1-2% of the population have red hair, I thought I would look around my second world to see how many I could see with this colour hair.  Since we, in our second life, have a choice of our hair colouring, I envisioned more women choosing to be redheads.  However, I didn't find that many the day when I was looking, leading me to believe, on most days, the percentage is low in this world too.

I enlisted my two friends, Chloe and Sam, to help me with my quest.  I challenged them to pose with me, wearing any red hair they had in their closets.  I found a couple but only one that I felt comfortable wearing,  but I don't change my hair colour that much.  Chloe had more than I did as she often wears red, in particular a very bright, flaming red so she chose her favourite.  Sam is not much of a shopper so he only had one that he picked up as a gift.

It was an interesting experiment and I found that the variety in the reddish colour was limitless, everything from a bright orangey colour to a deep burgundy. 

Think I'll try being a redhead more often.  Is it true redheads have more fun?

Good Night for now.

On me:
Maitreya Aimee in Copper

On Sam:
ND Untamed in Raven Sunset (not sure where he got it but it was free)

On Chloe:
Analog Dog b-ffwd in Paprika