Sunday, August 4, 2013

O Rodvik, Rodvik! Wherefore Art Thou Rodvik?

Dear Diary:

I was out of town on vacation and saw that Berry was involving my beloved Rodvik Linden in a devilish scheme meme while I was away.  "Ha!", I mused.  "Little do all those other women know how loyal my man is.  He'll be sweeping me into his arms at the airport on my return."

I texted my Roddy: Am landing now.  Meet at gate 4.
His response: ok

I'm a little disappointed with his response.  Well...maybe he's tied up with buying me flowers for my return.

Hmm....he must have forgotten the gate number.  His memory is not the best.  He never remembers my name.

Where is he?  Can't believe my Sweetie isn't throwing himself at my feet right now.


Alright...that's it!  I'm heading down the escalator to get a taxi.  My poor Roddy seems to have been corrupted by the hundred others involved.  It's certainly not his fault. 

Maybe I should rethink my tactics. 

Good Night for now.

Location: Miami International Airport