Thursday, December 6, 2012

I'm Looking for the Advent Calendars

Dear Diary:

At this time of year, I enjoy picking a couple of Advent Calendars to follow.  This year I started with the Mint Tulip sim.  In that shopping mall, there are four stores participating - Exposeur, Alice Project, Elymode and Perception.  Exposeur has given out poses, for male and female, with mirrored versions too.  If you collect all the gifts from Elymode, you'll have a complete outfit, along with some makeup.  Alice Project and Perception have given out cute jewelry, along with other gifts.

Then I flew over to the KittyCats Winterland Calendar.  They have items from a variety of designers who are gifting impressive presents.  The Calendar is right at the landing point and you can retrieve back days too.

The other morning I received a notice that Cleom Bailey, of Just my Imagination has an Advent Calendar in the store also so I had to pick up the cute and often unusual gifts there as well.

Here are a few items from just a couple of days:

It's always fun to open a present to see what's inside.  I found some really interesting things.  Take a look on your travels.

Good Night for now.

From Mint Tulip:
Tee: Elymode Snowflake top
Eye Makeup: Elymode shadow and liner (blue)
Hair: Alice Project Hyori Christmas

From KittyCatS Winterland:
Prop: True North Designs Tigger Plop with 5 poses (also comes with smaller version)

From Just My Imagination
Cup: Holly Day mug