Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thinking about Creativity

Dear Diary:

I like to read blogs from other people.  I always learn a lot.  The other day I read a post from Pamela Galli, owner of La Galleria, one of my favourite house / furniture / accessory stores.  Someone has been stealing her items and giving them away free.  That made me stop and think of how the excellent creators in our second world make our life so exciting.

This isn't the first time I've heard of our top artisans being ripped off by residents who don't or won't understand how hard these designers work at their creations.  When these items are distributed without the original creator getting credit, the inventor feels cheated and violated that their items are being distributed without any benefits.  Some of our best designers have given up on our world for that very reason and yet, this is their job, their work, something they love to do.

Wikipedia refers to creativity as "the invention or origination of any new thing (a product, solution, artwork, literary work, joke, etc.) that has value.  'New' may refer to the individual creator or the society or domain within which novelty occurs."  I think that covers every designer with talent in our second world.

In our first world, copyright laws protect all producers of original goods.  It's too bad that there's not any protection in the virutal world for these very talented people.  So let's not support these thieves who offer "free" items to unsuspecting people.  Let's support the great people who make our second lives exciting and beautiful and let them know we value their talents.

Good Night for now.

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