Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Gold Card is Melting

Dear Diary:

Sometimes I feel like shopping.  Ok ok ok ....most of the time I feel like I grabbed my purse and Gold Card and decided to look for a few Christmas presents.

I flew out to Izzie's, who has one of my favourite shops.  Right now, she has transformed her property into a wonderful wintery landscape for taking great photographs.
There was a couple skating on the lake who were showing their fancy footwork to everybody.
But of course my eyes were peeled to the store.
I managed to fill my bags with lots of clothes and then I needed makeup and jewelry to go with them.  And all for me!!  Well, next week I can start shopping for everybody else.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Hair with hat: Truth Hair Drake (gift)

Jacket: Aleida Birger jacket (green)(no longer available)
Pants: Aleida Jakob pant (black)(no longer available)
Purse: Miel messenger bag

Gold Credit Card: Essential Style Promo Credit Card (gold)

Poses: Picture 1  & 2 (in purse)
             Picture 3 Mon Tissu

Location: Izzie's Main Store