Saturday, June 18, 2016

Thinking About Humanity

Dear Diary:

We are human.  We display human traits.  But after the events in Florida last week, the idea of humanity made me think. 

By dictionary version, humanity means "the quality or state of being human; and, the quality or state of being kind to other people or to animals".  Can this be true?  Are we kind?  Right now, it doesn't seem an honest evaluation.  And yet we bond together in times of tragedy or conflict.  We support each other and are able to empathize with someone in need.  Why can't we be like this at all times?  Why can't we treat each other with graciousness constantly?

Acceptance is difficult for a few.  Lifestyles differ and some don't have the flexibility to acknowledge that humans are not all the same.  This ignorance turns into bigotry, turns into intolerance and then to hatred.  What makes us be so egotistical that we think we have to be all the same?  And that we have to punish those of us that are different?

As humans we share many similarities.  Let's turn that sameness into positive acceptance.

My thoughts are with the survivors and families left without their loved ones.

Good Night for now.

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