Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Second Life Made Me Learn....

Dear Diary:

For the Monday Meme, Berry has asked us to reveal what we have learned by joining Second Life.  WHOA...what I've learned!!

Technically, I have learned:

ABOUT MY COMPUTERI've used a computer for a long time, both at home and at work.  Usually my use was confined to writing reports or documents, or for doing research.  As long as it worked, life was beautiful.  As I got into SL, I realized my home computer was making it difficult to be as active as I would have liked.  I was crashing, or it took forever to load.  It was time for a new computer.  So I've become aware of Gigahertz, RAM and graphics cards, items that I would never have cared about before.

ABOUT BLOGGINGI've always been interested in writing.  I've kept a diary for years.  So the next step seemed appropriate.  As I've written before, I was nervous about starting but now I love it and would miss it terribly if I had to stop.  I'm not sure I would have attempted it, if not for SL.

ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHYI enjoy taking pictures in RL and I do take a lot.  But I found taking pictures in SL was very different.  It took me awhile to find the proper size, the right angle, and to save it to the appropriate place.  Personally this taught me patience.  You can't rush taking a good picture.  (Still haven't mastered that exactly)

ABOUT PHOTOSHOPI had seen people at my work use Photoshop for various marketing projects and was always keen on learning more about it.  When I started taking pictures in SL and posting them to my blog, I was never happy with them.  Someone suggested Photoshop so I decided to give it a try.  I watched and read tutorials (and still do) to find the tips and tricks.  I like to post raw pictures but sometimes it's nice to have "tools" to help in the search for that perfect picture.

ABOUT SCRIPTINGI put this one last because I'm not great at this and am definitely still in the kindergarten phase of learning.  I can read a script and have written very very simple ones however, each day it becomes a little easier.

And the not so technical lessons:

ABOUT SOCIALIZING:  On the social level, I learned that people are people no matter where they live or where they are from or what world they live in.  If people are rude and crude in SL, they will be that way in RL too.  The pleasant people who are fun to be with, who are  always considerate, and who make me laugh, would be my friends in both worlds.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing from Kustom9:
Hair: barberyumyum *46
Barrette: barberyumyum Square barrette (gray) (Gacha)
Top: OVH Nova loose t-shirt (gray)
Skirt: OVH Gab skirt black
Purse: Luxe Safety Pin Cluth (blanc et noire)(store opening soon)

Shoes: Friday basic flats (charcoal)