Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Pet That's Perfect for Me

Dear Diary:

I live in the tropics.  The water is always sparkling blue; fluffy white clouds in the sky; and, beautiful sand between my toes.  Maybe I picked this location because my first world is far far from that scenario.  But I love living there with plants in full bloom all year round. 

Many of my friends in my second world have pets - dogs, cats, and assorted exotic species.  I wanted a pet too but one that fit into my locale.  And I got the perfect one for me.

I thought a flamingo was just right for my home.  He walks and eats from the water.  He does come up onto the sand to greet me.  He's really no trouble at all and he certainly didn't need to be house trained.  I don't know how much of a guard flamingo he is.  He really is very friendly.  I haven't named him yet but I'm thinking of getting him a companion so he's not alone when I travel.

Perfect for me!

Good Night for now.

Flamingo: Animania Animated Animals Greater Flamingo medium