Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The New to Me Meme

Dear Diary:

Strawberry Singh's call to post something I've never blogged before, was a bit of a challenge.  I searched my mind.  Nothing seemed to be clicking.  Then I read the line, "if you prefer to make it a written meme and just write about something you normally wouldn’t write " and that brought about the CLICK!

Last week for the Book Meme, I was looking up a title and came upon the author John Norman.  For some reason, I checked him out and found that he has written 33 books all having "Gor" in the title .  [sidebar: It didn't incite an AHA moment but should have]  When I read the meme for this week, I remembered.  " about role play?  What would I like to try?  Could I become Gorean?"  Strong willed = independent would never equal slave.  So let's try it.  Now where would I go? might be Gor.

I found the history of Gor to be very interesting.  I flew to the visitor's area of Lorem Ipsum Academy, the place to learn Gor basics.  Upon entering, the sign told me that Gor was the largest role play community in SL.  There are two different Gor areas.  "By the book" means exactly what it says.  The rules and characters are much the same as what was written in the Gor books.  On the "Gorean Evolved" sims,  characters are still mostly by the book but female warriors along with some Norse myths are added.  Still rules must be followed.

The true Gor role play is based on John Norman's books about a counter earth.  The culture offers a strict structure with very defining, gender specific roles for each.  Men are mostly free while women can be free, slaves or panthers (outlaws).  I chose to be a slave since that role would be hardest for me. 

At the Gor Academy sim, they are offering instruction on how to role play here.  Last night I listened to a lecture about training and it's quite involved.  I certainly would have to study a lot to be a good player.  

I might try role playing...or am I doing that now?

Good Night for now.

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