Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Avatar's Private Life...[if she has one!]

Dear Diary:

Berry's Monday Meme got me thinking about my avi and what she does when I'm not around so I decided to have a conversation with her.

ME: So...what exactly do you do when I'm not here?


ME: Well, I'm just curious to see if you're bored when I'm not around to get you motivated.

DREAMER: I BEG YOUR PARDON!!! You think you motivate me???  HA!   You're always making me get all fancied up, with perfect hair and perfect makeup.  I'm dressed in satin, dripping in heavy jewelry.  And just who is it that has to be  posing...posing...posing, sometimes at IMPOSSIBLE angles that make me ache for hours?  Eh? I think you spend all your hours away from me just thinking of other things you can make me do.  And just who do you think shops for hours picking up all the things that YOU think I would like?  And you never seem to ask my opinion, you just assume. Then there's the endless hours of dancing in stilettos until my feet blister.  Sometimes I just want to shlep around the house and do nothing.  So when you're tired of controlling me, and are finally ready to let me be myself, I take off the makeup and nail polish; I put my hair up; put some comfy sloppy clothes on and try to get my qi back until you come up with the next round of what you call "fun".

ME: ok ok....calm down...I had no idea that you hated being Dreamer so much.

DREAMER:  Hate it ..oh no....I love it!  But don't think you can take all the credit for who I am or what I do.  After all, I am you.  So give me a break now and then.  Try meditating...get in touch with your inner self.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Hair: W&Y No. 135 (no longer available)
Hands: SLink AV enhanced hands (casual)
Eyelids: SLink Mesh lids and lashes
Feet: Gos Boutique barefeet (arched)

Top: Sassy Urban tank top (graffiti)
Sweatpants: Sassy Baggy sweatpants (black)

Pose: Embody Poses