Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Great Three Year Ride

Dear Diary:

Yes, today marks the third year of this blog  and I want to say -

Thanks for many things.  I appreciate you, my readers.  I write this blog because I love doing it and it's even more satisfying when I see people have read it.  Thanks also to my fellow bloggers who keep my intellectual neurons running at top speed, with challenges, memes, tips and tricks.  I love that part of trying to fulfil each test, in an allotted time, with as much finesse as I can.  And thanks to all the great creators in my second world, be they clothing, housing, furniture, makeup or footwear, who cause me to spend the Lindens faster and "furiouser" than I should.  OH YEAH!!

It's a great on-going-ever-changing experience.

Good Night for now.