Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Librarian can be your new best friend

Dear Diary:

I love books.  I always have a "book-on-the-go".  Consequently, any article on libraries peaks my interest and the other day I read an interesting one about the changing environment of libraries and the role that the librarian plays.

I know several people who say, "Oh libraries are like dodo birds.  They're gone!  Everything you need to know is online and it's so easy to find things."  Oohhh that gets me riled up!!  Yes, libraries need to change.  Electronic resources are so important for research.  Ebooks can be cheaper texts than buying the hard copy one and you always get the most up to date version.  The Internet is a valuable tool for getting information.  BUT!!  You have to know how to search for positive results or it could be a waste of precious time.  For that you need a qualified media specialist (usually a librarian) to show you the fastest and most efficient way of retrieving data.

The first time I went to university, I knew nothing about searching the proper way.  I floundered for a few months.  Thank goodness for a kind and patient librarian who helped me through my undergraduate years.  She showed me how to retrieve material from qualified sites for maximum effect in my papers.  A library definitely needs someone like that.
Today's academic library has an information station, as this one in McMaster University Library, where you can use your laptop and check the online catalogue at the same time. 
There are also study pods or rooms as here in McGill University Library.  This place provides group study where discussions can take place, where Wifi is enabled, where a librarian is always ready to help.

Read this interesting article and find out one person's opinion on the future of the library and how librarians need to evolve to keep current in the future.

Good Night for now.

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Picture 1: McMaster University Library 
Picture 2: McGill University Library

McMaster University is in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.
McGill University is in Montreal, Quebec Canada.