Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Oh to be a Newbie Again!

Dear Diary:

Remember the time when we were all Newbies?  Oh yes!!  Don't we all!!  Berry's Monday Meme is a good one this week because it brings that all into memory again.

Here are my top five pieces of advice for anyone new coming into this world:

1. Come into this world with an open mind.  Some people choose to be extensions of themselves while others pick to be fantasy people or animal figures.  Because they don't look like "people" doesn't mean they don't enjoy this place just as much as anyone else.  They want to express themselves the way they want to be seen.  Some people change their appearance frequently so accept them as they are.

2. Don't expect sex from everyone you meet.  Yes, sex is here and I'm sure you can get it if you want it but not all people are here for it.  Cover up those...ummm...attachments or boobs.  You wouldn't show those in public in your first world so why do you think we want to see them in this one?

3. Be respectful.  There is a real person behind every avi so don't hide behind your anonymity and be rude or mean.  Feelings can be hurt. 

4. Do a search for things you're interested in.  In RL, if you work at something you enjoy, check to see if there is a group in SL that you can join. I did and found that I learned a lot.  You can meet friends and have input from people around the world.

5. Explore, explore, explore.  There are wonderful, creative people in SL that have built marvelous sims that are truly works of art.  Everyday can provide a new, mind expanding experience.

What is that saying...if only I knew then...??

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Hair: Cake Dakota
Top: Shampoo Check tunic (brown) (no longer available)
Skirt: Naïve Denim Mini (no longer available)
Glasses: je suis charmante (red)
Earrings: je suis asymetrique (red)

Blackboard: Really useful blackboard Lite (SL Marketplace)