Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flat Ebbe is not Flat Anymore

Dear Diary:

Berry has set another challenging meme for us this week.  It seemed to be a serious one so I thought I would take Ebbe out for a calming, serene boat ride.  Then we could talk.

1. Promote Second Life as a creative, social place to be.  It's not a sex den.  This world is full of creative people who build and make fantastic items; people who are talented and perform musically and artistically; and people who instruct classes for the intellectual or the interested.  THAT'S what's important!

2. Fix the ToS.  I've had friends leave this world and take their talents with them.  Give them a home here where they can create without worry of losing control of their own items.

3. Keep communication open.  We all have opinions, ideas, or choices.  Ask and we'll answer.

Ebbe was a good listener...but not a good boater.  He did put on the life jacket I gave him.  Unfortunately he wouldn't sit down so my rowboat started to go under. 
When he started to sing a hymn, I figured we were in trouble but we made it to shore.

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Hands: SLink AvEnhanced hands (casual)
Hair: Argrace Aya (Japan Fair)

Shirt: Coco Shirt and Parka (gift)
Cami: fri basic cami (tinted)
Jeans: Jane 52 classic
Hat: Neurolab Inc cap FREE

Boat: TUFF Rowboat (blue and white)
Life jackets: PFD Inflatable life jackets FREE (SL Marketplace)

Flat Ebbe Linden FREE (SL Marketplace)

Location: Boat rezzing area