Monday, September 23, 2013

Berry's Birthday Meme

Dear Diary:

Birthdays happen!  So Happy happy to Berry.

1. When is your birthday?  May 8th

2. Pick one person who shares your birthday and share what you know about them.
Martha Wainwright, sister of Rufus Wainwright, is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has performed not only with her brother, but also her mother, Kate McGarrigle.

3. List one notable event that took place on your birthday.  In 1886, John Pemberton, a pharmacist, first sold "Coca-Cola" as a patent medicine. 

4. Tell us about a holiday that falls on your birthday.  Under Bizarre Holidays, I found that "No Socks Day" falls on May 8th.  I'll have to celebrate that next year.

Happy Birthday to everyone who is having, going to have, or has had a birthday this year.  Let's all be around to celebrate next year too.

Good Night for now.