Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Fear That I Won't Be Heard

Dear Diary:

Berry's meme this Monday was so intriguing that I wanted to join in.  What am I afraid of?  What am I haunted by? Well, I'm not afraid of very much at all.  I like cemeteries; I've had pet snakes; and I can look down from high places.  I'm a bit claustrophobic.  Crawling on my hands and knees through a tunnel in Mexico got me sweating profusely and it certainly wasn't the weather.  So I was thinking hard about what would give me have a lot of fear.  Then I remembered...

A few years back I read "Still Life", a book by Joy Fielding.  It's about a young woman, thrown into a coma through an accident.  She hears and comprehends everything that her friends and family say and they are oblivious to the fact she is listening to all the conversations.  She just can't communicate or move.  There's the idea her family may take her off life support as they don't think her brain is functioning.  I remember my heart pounding as I read her frustration.  What if that were me?

THAT'S what my fear is.

Good Night for now.