Thursday, July 25, 2013

A New Store to Me #7

Dear Diary:

The other day I came upon a store quite by accident and discovered a gem! 

I've tried to take pictures for rainy day climate, using all the tricks and all the fancy gizmos to show rain but I'm not that clever and never seem to get the effects I wanted.  The store, Node+ , takes care of that.

nyagos Kidd is the owner of Node+ and he has umbrellas in a multitude of colours and textures, from 9 plain, 6 "plastic" looks; 6 plaid and several other textures.  The umbrella can be worn in the closed position when waiting for that inclement weather or open to produce either a drizzle or a heavy downpour.  It's so simple.

At first I thought the umbrella was a little pricey but in each pack you get 6 choices and the umbrella works well with poses. 

In the store, there's also a weather system.  An item for putting rain on your windows is also available. 

It's not a big store but very unique in it's offerings.

Good Night for now.

Umbrella: Node+
Location: On a dull rainy day at Hotel Chelsea New York