Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hanging Clothes on the Line

Dear Diary:

I really like to hang my clothes outside on the line.  My Mom did it; my Grandmother did; and probably everybody else in our neighbourhood. 

The other morning I wanted to hang sheets outside before I went to work.  But when I stepped outside the door, I looked up in the sky to see a very overcast atmosphere.  I was debating even putting the laundry out, in case I would come home from work and find them more sopping than when I took them from the washer.  Would they even dry in such dull humid weather? But by afternoon it had heated up.

There's nothing like bringing the sheets in, putting them on the bed and sleeping with the fresh-air smell.  I seem to sleep so much better.

In my second world, rain was also in the forecast.  I went to The Far Away, 
A M Radio's wonderful sim to hang the sheets but the sky there also looked foreboding.

The sun was shining when I got there but then I noticed darker clouds on the horizon.  I wanted to check to see if everything was dry so I could take it all in before the rain started...just like in my first world!

Good Night for now.
Prop: flowey so fresh so clean laundry line (Liason Collaborative)

Location: The Far Away