Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yucky cellphones

Dear Diary:

I was reading the newspaper the other day when a headline caught my eye, concerning dirty cellphones.  Over 92% of the phones had some type of bacteria on them.  It also found that 16% of the same 390 cell phones tested, were found to carry E. coli.

I guess we always knew that computer lab key boards were a refrigerator full of germs but I never thought of my cell phone having bacteria on it.  I'm the only one who uses it BUT I do throw it in my purse, place it on a publc table, or even put in my pocket.  I wash my hands well but the article stated that wet hands can spread the bugs easier than with dry ones.  From now on I'll extra dry too.

So is there any other solution to keeping our cell phones clean?  I know you can swab keyboards with a cleaner.  Maybe we'll have to do that with our cell phones too.

Good Night for now.

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