Saturday, October 1, 2011

Moss Green

Dear Diary:
Moss green is such a pretty shade.  It reminds me of Fall so I dressed accordingly for my part of the world.  I don't think I got Luna's swatch down pat.  However, this is my take!!

"There are approximately 12,000 species of moss classified in the Bryophyta.  The divison Bryophyta formerly included not only mosses, but also liverworts and hornworts." (Wikipedia)  Wow...thank goodness Luna didn't pick one of those for a colour name!  I'd really be in trouble!

Good Night for now.

I'm wearing:
Skin: LeLutka Lola (light)
Eyes: Miriel Hazel (no longer available)
Eye makeup: Mozz Cosmetics winged eye with lashes (grey-green)
Hair: W&Y hair # 41 (with hat)

Coat: (fd) Fog Coat (green)
Blouse: GF off shoulder chiffon tops flower (moss green)
Jeans: LW jeans (moss green)
Shoes: GF flat shoes "Little Diva" (moss)

Earrings: (bewildebeest) Cassandra earrings (moss agate)

Poses: drm