Thursday, October 13, 2011

Update on Thanksgiving post

Dear Diary:

Now that Thanksgiving has passed and I'm busily working off all the turkey, gravy, stuffing and pumpkin pie [with whipped cream of course!], I wanted to go back and give well deserved credit to the creator of the furniture in my Thanksgiving picture.
The dining room table, seating 6, is French Pine Cabriole.  It comes with two head table chairs, with arms, and 4 side chairs.  In the table menu, are centrepieces, a meal and dessert.  This fall centrepiece and runner, with colour and texture changing abilities, is extra but it's very easy to add to the menu.

The gorgeous dining room suite, the centrepiece and the rug are all creations of Pamela Galli, the very talented owner of La Galleria.  Pamela pays a great deal of attention to detail.  Her furniture and accessories, as well as her fabulous homes, have wonderful textures and colours, and cover all areas of interior design, from contemporary to traditional.  All are displayed in her store.  I love walking through the store even just to window shop.  She is always coming up with new items that make a home really a home.  Such a talented business woman!

Check out Pamela's fabulous items at La Galleria or on her blog, which highlights great designs of her homes, new items in her store, and tips on modification and tinting. 

Good Night for now.

All furniture, carpet, and fall centrepiece:  La Galleria