Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving in Canada!

Dear Diary:

Here it is October and that means Thanksgiving.  Actually it isn't officially here until tomorrow, October 11th but I'm celebrating tonight with a HUGE turkey dinner.  I set my table early and I was very happy with how it looked.  It is very elegant, yet very inviting.  But the turkey looked the best!  Mmmmm....I love turkey!

I invited two of my friends to join me since this is definitely a day to share with friends and family. 

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends.

Good Night for now.

My furniture is:
Dining room table and chairs: BellaRose Furniture Tristane Dining set
Light fixture: C&D Designs 3 tier pendant light (clear cubic)
Candles: 2xtreme candle holder TR

Turkey dinner: C&D Designs