Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boooo-ming costumes

Dear Diary:

OK...I'm really getting into it now.  I'm counting on the weather being nice for the kids [and me] so that when they go out, it's not raining, cold or snowing!  I hate to see them and their parents freezing their costumes off walking around for the "reduced sized" chocolate bars.  It's always more pleasant when the weather co-operates at this time of year.

I went back into my closet after the last entry and dug around for some more of my favs so here I am with more of the costumes I really like.  In each of these pictures, I only added hair [except for the pet in the first picture]
These silks, particularly in this colour, always make me feel tres sexy. I love the red and gold colour and, with the added gold trim, it's sensational.  This outfit comes with the bangles too.  Of course, I added the friendly snake.  A nice touch if I do say so myself.
"Bloody bride" is a good title for this costume.  I just couldn't resist this one since it was free and came with the dress, jewelry, skin AND knife!  It was a group gift but well worth joining B! fashions for.  They have great gifts and this one is outstanding. 
I feel like a mermaid, not a dragon as the title of this costume indicates.  But it does personify those "-maids" that live under the sea.  The costume comes with two different options for the top, plus the sea spines and head dress. I even danced in this one so it is user friendly.

I'm having such a good time dressing up as someone else.  Hmmm...maybe I have multiple personalities.  It sure is fun putting on costumes. 

Good Night for now.
Picture 1:
Hair: Dernier Cri Camelia (Hair Fair 2010)
Costume: (dress, jewelry) Analise Tal Meela Silks (red and gold)
"Pet": Tea My pet snake (group gift)

Picture 2:
Hair: Adora Daphne
Costume (dress, jewelry, skin, knife) B! Fashion Bloody Bride (group gift)

Picture 3:
Hair: LeLutka Nymph hair (from Estelle skin pack)
Costume: Pacific Sunrise Sea Leaf Dragon Mer-Tail 

Pose / Prop: Glitterati (The Coffin)